Physical Chemistry Organizing Committee

Tadashi Ogitsu

Group leader
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Biography: Tadashi Ogitsu has his expertise in ab-initio simulations and computat ReadMore...

Research Interest: spectroscopy

Wai-Yim Ching

Distinguished Curators’ Professor
University Missouri-Kansas City

Biography: Dr. Wai-Yim Ching is a Distinguished Curators’ Professor of Physics ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Ching's research area is theoretical condensed matter ph ReadMore...

Pavel Hobza

Distinguished Chair
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Biography: Dr. Pavel Hobza, dr.h.c., FRSC is Distinguished Chair at Institute of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Quantum chemistry and computational chemistry, non-covalent ReadMore...

Horst Köppel

Heidelberg University

Biography: Horst Köppel has been a Senior Lecturer, and later Professor of Theor ReadMore...

Research Interest: Horst Köppel research interests focus on theory of the Jahn ReadMore...

Werner Paulus

Full Professor
University of Montpellier

Biography: Werner Paulus is exploring low temperature oxygen diffusion mechanisms ReadMore...

Research Interest: Research activities cover synthesis methods from powder to l ReadMore...

Werner Lottermoser

University of Salzburg

Biography: Werner Lottermoser has completed his thesis work about neutron diffrac ReadMore...

Research Interest: Materials Science and Mineralogy

Junrong Zheng

Peking University

Biography: Junrong Zheng completed his PhD and Post-doctoral studies at Stanford ReadMore...

Research Interest: Physical Chemistry Polymer Chemistry

Tarek Motawi

Professor Emeritus
Cairo University

Biography: Dr Tarek Mohamed Kamal Mohamed Metawie, Professor of Biochemistry, Fac ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmacy

Sakari Kulmala

Aalto University

Biography: Sakari Kulmala is professor of Analytical Chemistry in the Department ReadMore...

Research Interest: Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemiluminescence and its appli ReadMore...

Venelin Enchev

Bulgarian Academy of Science

Biography: Venelin Enchev is professor of Theoretical Chemistry in the Institute ReadMore...

Research Interest: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry ReadMore...

Daniel Ayuk Mbi Egbe

Senior Scientist
Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Biography: PD Dr. rer. habil. Daniel A. M. Egbe was born in Mambanda Cameroon on ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interests are the syntheses and the study of st ReadMore...

Nina D.Dimcheva

Associate Professor
Plovdiv University

Biography: Nina Dimcheva graduated from the University of Sofia (M.Sc. in Chemica ReadMore...

Research Interest: Electrochemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Immobilized oxida ReadMore...

Mirosław Kwiatkowski

Assistant Professor
AGH University of Science and Technology

Biography: Mirosław Kwiatkowski in 2004 obtained Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Main field of his interests is physical chemistry, mathemati ReadMore...